Waste Management

MESA ETİKET believes that companies and individuals have a responsibility to protect and improve our environment and natural resources for future generations. We place this principle at the heart of our production principles.

MESA ETİKET has always made environmental considerations a core part of our processes. We do this to protect our environment and for a healthy future for humanity and wildlife. In this context, we work in accordance with proper use of natural resources and protection of environment by obeying and often exceeding all laws and regulations regarding environmental protection in Turkey. Our waste management system is implemented for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes and there is a waste storage area in our company to be carried out from single source in order for a smooth process of extraction.

In our factory, we have no industrial waste water products but rather domestic waste water for which we have simple disposal policies. Domestic waste water is accumulated in sealed septic pits prepared in accordance with Turkey enviromental regulations and is discharged periodically to a treatment facility within the scope of a contract with Denizli Municipality.

We have a strong recycling culture: all hazardous and non-hazardous wastes (papers, packaging materials, vegetable and mineral oils, chemicals, batteries, accumulators, electronic scraps, fluorescence and mercury lamp scraps, etc.) are accumulated seperately in order to contribute to the Turkish economy, avoid unnecessary waste sent to regular storage facilities, reduce environmental pollution and increase recycling opportunities for re-use and re-purpose.